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Almost silent, cleanroom-capable, adaptable to any environment. These are the ingredients that help Servus find the ideal recipe for your intralogistics. Autonomous transport robots by Servus can also be used to transport material in the cleanroom as well as in the high-concentration area. The flexible modular assembly kit by Servus lets you fully automate your laboratory.


Servus systems are low-wear and, thanks to their low abrasion, certified as suitable for cleanrooms in accordance with EN ISO 14644.

Laboratory Automation

In combination with an articulated arm, Servus transport robots can completely automate laboratories.


Efficient storage and quick availability of products thanks to autonomous transport robots.

Transportroboter für Laborautomation

Autonomous and Intelligent Transport Robots Make Laboratory Automation Possible

Thanks to the unique combination of transport robots and articulated arms, the action range of an articulated robot is multiplied. ThyssenKrupp, among others, have made use of this multiple times. Servus started automating ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions’ cement testing laboratories years ago. Servus transport robots equipped with a lightweight articulated robot by Schunk, link sample preparation machines and analysers around-the-clock and in varied sequences.

Silent Material Transport Under the Ceiling

Autonomous Servus transport robots are virtually silent and also completely low-wear. This makes the Servus system a great choice for transporting material in the cleanroom or in the high-concentration area. Since the transport robot spends 90 percent of its move time on the ceiling, it is barely noticeable.

Labor mit Transportroboter unter der Decke

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